" Hailey Wong was employed full-time between July 2012 to January 2024 as Senior Designer & Visual Merchandiser at Lomography Asia Pacific Limited, a subsidiary of Lomographische GmbH, in charge of our graphic/digital/print design and visual merchandising primarily for the Asia Pacific region, and partly for our international market.
I highly recommend Hailey as a candidate for employment or any project based on my experience working with her during my capacity as the General Manager. She had been a talented, creative, intelligent, cultural and hardworking team member during her tenure at our company.
I’d seen her developing not only her skills in her profession as a designer, but also her project management and art direction skills as she became a core member of our team, independently managing multiple projects in different disciplines in a complex and multi- cultural environment. She had also accumulated knowledge in people management and developed young designers to create a dynamic and disciplined working environment for her team.
Hailey will be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation. If you have any further question in regard to Hailey, please do not hesitate to contact me. "
– Tat Tso, General Manager, Head Of Asia. Lomography Asia Pacific Limited, 2024
I've had the pleasure of working with Hailey at Lomography for several years now, and I can confidently say that she is an exceptionally talented and dedicated designer. She's also a true professional who communicates effectively, meets deadlines consistently, and collaborates seamlessly with our team. We've been working together on numerous campaigns, where Hailey's expertise in concepts, illustrations, graphics, and motion design has truly shone. One particular project that stands out in my memory is her work on a Suminagashi-inspired special edition camera. Not only did she design the product itself, but she also created all the captivating campaign materials surrounding it. Furthermore, I could always rely on her for feedback and insights. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend Hailey for her skills and unwavering commitment to delivering great results. If you want to reach out to somebody from the Vienna team to know more, you can contact me." 
– Markus Wegscheider, Creative Director and Art Director, Lomographische GmbH, Austria, 2023
" I have had the pleasure of working with Hailey for over a decade. Throughout this time, Hailey has consistently demonstrated exceptional skill, creativity, and dedication in her work, always fulfilling requirements and meeting deadlines. Her keen eye for design and attention to detail ensure that every project she touches is visually stunning and strategically aligned with our goals. Hailey's work ethic is exemplary. She approaches each project with enthusiasm and a collaborative spirit, always going the extra mile. She has been the driving force behind our visual merchandise services and graphic design support for the wholesale channel.   I enthusiastically endorse Hailey for her exceptional skills and steadfast dedication to producing remarkable results. She will undoubtedly be an asset to your company and a valuable addition to your team." 
– Edwin Chau, Regional Sales and Wholesale Marketing Manager - Asia, Hong Kong, 2023
" I am writing to recommend Hailey Wong. She worked with us at Project Mooon Collective as a contract-based designer/illustrator and worked with me in my position as creative director. Hailey’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence shines through in every project she undertakes.

During her time in my team, she was in charge of producing graphic design, illustrations for television series and other advertising projects. I’ve always put a premium on creativity & responsibility among my team members, and Hailey never failed to deliver. Hailey is a delight to work with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again." 
– Dani Chong, Creative Director, Project Mooon Collective. Hongkong, 2023
" We had the pleasure of collaborating with Hailey, marking our first collaboration with an overseas artist. Hailey's ability to overcome challenges and engage in constructive discussions was truly impressive. We highly recommend Hailey for future art collaborations and look forward to working together again." 
– Johannes Mechler, NOPLACE, Germany, 2023
" It has been a nice experience working together with Hailey. She cares for details and takes every step sincerely. She is also a person who is easily to talk to. Therefore, we will sit down together and discuss calmly and openly whenever we encounter problems in the project." 
– Heiwa Wong, Fingerkino. Germany, 2023
" During my time at Lomography, I worked with Hailey on ongoing online marketing projects, namely on the promotional materials for our e-commerce marketplaces. Hailey helped create product pages, banners, and posters for e-commerce marketplaces for several different platforms, including TMALL, JD and Lazada. She not only understands how to make things look good, she makes sure that no matter the platform, all her designs are on-brand and easily understood. No short of a perfectionist." 
Nadia Sheng, E-commerce & Online Manager - Southeast Asia & China, Lomography Asia Pacific Ltd. 2023
" I had the pleasure of working closely with Hailey Wong at Lomography, an international company with a vibrant and creative atmosphere. As a Senior Designer & Visual Merchandiser, Hailey consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism, creativity, and dedication to her work.
One of the most notable aspects of collaborating with Hailey was her exceptional ability to foster effective communication, despite the geographical distance between us. Our collaboration was seamless, and she ensured that information flowed smoothly between our teams. Her proactive and efficient communication style not only facilitated our projects but also contributed to a positive working environment.
Hailey's creative talent is truly outstanding. She has an innate ability to transform ideas into captivating visuals, leaving a lasting impression on both clients and colleagues. Her unique perspective and artistic flair were evident in the special camera editions she created, incorporating her own artworks. The result was a product line that stood out from the competition, capturing the essence of Lomography's brand in a truly remarkable way.
In addition to her creative abilities, Hailey also excels in organisation and productivity. Throughout our collaboration, she consistently met deadlines without compromising the quality of her work. Her strong work ethic and attention to detail ensured that projects were completed on time, and her contributions played a crucial role in the success of our team.
Beyond her professional skills, Hailey is a genuinely kind and pleasant individual to work with. Her positive attitude and willingness to support her colleagues created a harmonious and collaborative work environment. Her ability to effectively collaborate with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, including our international team, is a testament to her adaptability and interpersonal skills.Based on my experience working closely with Hailey, I have no doubt that she would be a valuable asset to any organisation. Her exceptional creativity, organisational prowess, and delightful personality make her an ideal candidate for the position she is seeking. I wholeheartedly recommend Hailey and believe she will exceed expectations and contribute significantly to her future team's success. "
– Marlena Kitlinska, Senior Designer, Lomographische GmbH, Austria, 2023
" The campaign for Lomography in Fashion Walk was held successfully under the leadership of Hailey. She took care of every details professionally and showed her knowledge in products and the brand. I appreciated that the helpful and collaborative assists she offered. It was a great pleasure to work with her. I would recommend Hailey to anyone looking for graphic design service.” 
– Zoe Wong, Senior Project Executive, Outsign.lab Ltd. Hongkong, 2016
" Hailey is an exceptional designer with a keen eye for detail. Her passion for her work is infectious, and she consistently demonstrates her problem-solving abilities. Working with her was a pleasure, as she is a great communicator and collaborator and always maintained a positive attitude." 
– Jack Man, The Founder of Photato. Hongkong 2023
" Throughout the time I have known Hailey, she has proven herself to be a nice, thoughtful and who showed tremendous dedication to the client. I’m happy to work with Hailey due to her positive attitude, strong commitment and excellent potential. " 
– Jun Choi, Manager, Photato. Hongkong, 2023
" Working with Hailey is always exciting. She is the designer I trust the most, understanding concepts with precision and offering a wealth of suggestions and arrangements!" 
– Misa Imai, General Manager, Lomography Japan. 2023
" Working with Hailey is so exciting. She always comes up with designs that exceed my expectations. When I worked at Lomography Japan, she made designs for me based on Japanese culture. Even though I am not good at English, she is kind and makes easy-to-understand suggestions. All of her designs have been well-reviewed or praised by our clients. Not only that, I’m a huge fan of Hailey and what she creates until now and in the future! " 
– Erina Hirota, General Manager, Lomography Japan. 2021
" Hailey is a responsible and creative individual who understands the given brief and works on each project very thoroughly. I enjoyed working with her when I used to work as the General Manager of Japan office in Lomography. She is an exceptional creative person who is open minded, has great work ethic and can deliver assets always on time. I would highly recommend to hire her. " 
– Kieko Hoshi, General Manager, Lomography Japan. 2018
" Hailey is a visionary with exceptional design skills and a strong creative sense. She is able to take a brand's vision and transform it into a visually stunning and engaging experience." 
– Christy Fan, Online Markets and Marketplace Manager - Asia Pacific, Lomography Asia Pacific Ltd. 2022​​​​​​​
" Hailey is a brilliant designer and an absolute pleasure to work with. She always has some very insightful suggestions for our ideas and is able to take complex concepts and turn them into beautiful, cohesive designs that are both visually stunning and highly effective.
She is always willing to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional work. For some very urgent tasks, she is also willing to sacrifice her time to complete them. Her contributions have been invaluable to our team.
I have no doubt that Hailey's personal website will be a true showcase of her incredible talent and expertise. She is sure to make an impact in the design world, and I feel lucky to have worked alongside her and witnessed her growth as a designer."
– Zoe Yan, General Manager, Lomography China. 2023
Working with Hailey for 5 years has been an incredibly enjoyable and valuable experience! She has consistently demonstrated professionalism, reliability, creativity, and excellent communication skills. In the face of different challenges, she is highly adaptable and always willing to provide her professional opinion. Despite working remotely, distance has never been a real obstacle to our collaboration. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with Hailey and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented designer with a combination of artistic flair and professional acumen." 
– Tanya Tang, Online Manager and Photographer, Lomography China. 2023
" My name is Aom Naksuksri, and I'm a digital online marketing executive from Thailand. I had a good time working with Hailey for almost five years at Lomography. Working with Hailey was always smooth with good results because of her trustable creative and design skills. Apart from work, she also has a lively, positive, and friendly personality that makes me feel comfortable to work with, and her artwork also inspires me at the same time!" 
– Aom Naksuksri, Digital Online Marketing Executive, Lomography Thailand. 2024
" Hailey is an all-round teammate to me. Her passion, her experience and her dedication impressed me every time when I get the chance to work closely with her." 
– Austin Cheng, Photographer, Hong Kong, 2023
" I once served as the store manager at Lomography, where I frequently participated in changing Window Displays, Indoor Displays and organising various events, such as workshops, exhibitions, and different types of large and small activities. All promotional designs were closely collaborated and communicated with Hailey.
She is an excellent partner, as every event requires creative and beautiful design elements, including posters, foam boards, and other imaginative POSMs to attract customers' attention. Hailey would do her best to assist our team in meeting the design requirements for each event. Moreover, she would personally participate in setting up every event or any Window Display and Indoor Display, making these projects even more perfect. It is this work ethic that makes me certain she is a great partner, especially her listening and patience during each communication. When working with her, she is an outstanding leader, so I feel truly honoured to have worked with her for several years." 
– Jojo Ho, Shopman, Lomography Gallery Store Hong Kong. 2020
" I’ve worked with Hailey on several marketing communication projects. She is a true professional on the design side. Not only does Hailey have a great eye for design and conception, she is responsive and always gives honest, helpful feedback. She can quickly understand a brief and the brand behind it."
– Kamie Lam, Taiwan Market Manager, Lomography Asia Pacific Ltd. 2019
" I have had the pleasure of working with Hailey on several marketing campaigns and projects in Hong Kong & Taiwan. I have consistently been impressed by her creativity, professional and detailed mindset. Also, Hailey has excellent communication skills and is always willing to listen to feedback. Working with Hailey has been an enjoyable experience! "
– Nikki Cheung, Digital Marketing and Online Manager - Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam & Philippines, Lomography Asia Pacific Ltd. 2023
" Hailey is an experienced Graphic Designer, she can always deliver the best design solution in the requested time frame. In addition, she is also experienced in VM and exhibition production, it was truly enjoyable to have worked along with her for more than 4 years." 
– Phyllis Chan, Online Marketing Manager, Lomography Asia Pacific Ltd. 2020
" I had the opportunity to work closely with Hailey during my marketing internship, and I was consistently impressed by her design skills. Hailey has the ability to work quickly and efficiently, while still producing high-quality designs that meet the needs of complex design briefs. One of the things that sets Hailey apart is her versatility. She is experienced in a wide range of design areas, from small leaflets to large exhibition and installation designs. This breadth of experience allows her to bring fresh and innovative ideas to every project, no matter the scope or size. I would highly recommend Hailey for any design-related position. She is a talented and versatile designer who is able to turn complex design briefs into attractive and effective designs." 
– Venus Tse, Lomography Asia Pacific Ltd. 2017
" I am writing to enthusiastically recommend Hailey for any role that involves graphic design, illustration, or event management. I had the pleasure of working closely with Hailey on projects that required her to create art and illustrations for an event we were organising, and I was consistently impressed by her talent, work ethic, and professionalism. From the start of the projects, Hailey demonstrated a deep understanding of the events’ purposes and goals, and was able to translate that understanding into a series of stunning illustrations that perfectly captured the spirit of the event. Her attention to detail and creativity were invaluable, and her ability to work collaboratively with others and leading was a key factor in the projects’ success. 
– Michelle Tong, Lomography Asia Pacific Ltd. 2014
" I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional work of Hailey as a teacher. Her dedication, patience, and kindness in the classroom are truly outstanding. Hailey is always thoroughly prepared for her lessons, and her post-lesson follow-up is unparalleled. She always goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are engaged, motivated, and learning.
Moreover, Hailey's understanding and appreciation of the arts are exceptional. Her knowledge and appreciation of traditional art forms are evident in her teaching. Seeing her students create and develop their artistic skills is a pleasure under her guidance.
Lastly, Hailey's art pieces reflect her mastery of the craft. Her works are beautiful and have a traditional touch that is rare to find. Her art pieces are proof of her dedication and mastery of the art form.
Not only do her students appreciate her but her colleagues and clients have also recognised her exemplary work. Hailey embodies all the qualities of an exceptional teacher, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from her."
– Ann Chan, Founder, Plazer Gallery. Hongkong, 2023
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