What is Suminagashi?
Suminagashi, 墨流し, translates to ‘floating ink’. This beautiful art form is believed to be the oldest marbling art. This art form originated in China over 2,000 years ago and made its way to Japan in the 12th century. During Japan’s ancient Heian period, Suminagashi became a cherished traditional craft, evolving with the culture. The art was often used to decorate washi paper and to add beautiful patterns to kimonos and other silk items. Today, Suminagashi continues to enchant artists and enthusiasts around the world with its delicate interplay of water and ink. Artists now explore this ancient technique with a modern twist, blending it into contemporary art and design.
Everyone Needs a Little Muße:
Where Art Meets Heart
​​​​​​​In our fast-paced lives, we all need moments of true relaxation and calmness. Suminagashi offers a pause and a creative escape, where the ink gently floating on water helps people slow down and treasure the here and now. It’s more than just an art form; It’s a mindful journey, a chance to find your inner peace and enjoy the “Muße” moment.
Come as you are, This art requires no prior art skills or experience, just a heart open to let go and watch the magic unfold. As you watch the ink flow on the water, forming beautiful patterns, your worries seem to drift away, and a sense of lightness fills your heart. My approach to Suminagashi is about offering a Muße space—a place where you can just breathe and be in the moment.
Echoes of past Suminagashi Workshops:
From Hongkong To Europe
My journey with Suminagashi has taken me from Hong Kong to Europe, I am grateful for the opportunities to share this beautiful Japanese art form with so many wonderful participants and friends around the world.
Some participants told me that Suminagashi has become a Muße in their lives, and they continue to practice it at home. Knowing the impact of this art extends beyond workshops fills my heart with boundless joy, gratitude, and inspiration! 
Echoes of past Suminagashi Workshops:
Beyond the Bounds of Language
I will never forget the experience of sharing Suminagashi art with a lovely Czech family. Despite the language barrier, seeing how we connected through universal language––art and laughter was genuinely impressive. We explored the Suminagashi art in their kitchen, surrounded by the warmth and hospitality of this wonderful family.
Echoes of past Suminagashi Workshops:
Suminagashi Across All Ages
Levelling Up the Holistic Workshop:
The Muße Experience
Recently, I have been exploring new equipment to deepen the immersive sensual experience and add a touch of Muße, improving the workshop’s sensual experience. To share this experience worldwide, I have found portable equipment to bring to every workshop wherever I go.
Past Collaborations:
Simple Use Film Camera–Optimistic Ox
With a passion for collaboration and merging tradition art with modern design, I’d love to share this heartfelt collaboration, Simple Use Film Camera-Optimistic Ox Edition, with you.

I collaborated with global teams from packaging design to product photography and design materials. We created this camera design blending with my Suminagashi art, aiming to send hope and strength to the world during the challenging pandemic in 2021.
Achievements & Recognitions:
 I am deeply honoured and grateful to DesignRush for recognising my Design as one of the Top Gadget Packaging Design in 2023.
An Art Workshop Beyond Art and Visual:
Suminagashi Experience Workshop Tour
In this workshop, Hailey guides you through the ancient art of Suminagashi, where creativity meets mindfulness. You can reduce stress and soothe thoughts with gentle swirls of ink and water. As you let the ink and colours flow freely on the water, your creativity flows freely, too! You’ll create beautiful organic patterns as unique as your own stories. You might be amazed at how much you immerse yourself in the process and the sense of freedom and peace you feel as you start to let go, embrace uncertainty, and trust your instincts.

Hailey will share insights on how to carry the essence of Suminagashi into everyday life as a continuous source of creativity and mindfulness. By the end of the workshop, you’ll hopefully carry home not just with many pieces of Suminagashi artwork and lovely memories but also a refreshed mindset, ready to let creativity and calmness into your everyday life.
Meet Hailey
Hailey Wong is a designer and artist who is passionate about Suminagashi Art. With over five years of hosting Suminagashi Art workshops and seven years of hosting various art workshops, Hailey continually explores the art of blending this ancient practice with contemporary design. She has collaborated on numerous Suminagashi art and design projects, elevating the ancient art technique to new heights.
Collaborations and Recognitions in Suminagashi Art:
Unleash your inner artist,
dive into the world of Suminagashi
Now that you know a bit about me and my journey with Suminagashi, I warmly invite you to become part of this beautiful art form’s story. Let’s embark on this creative adventure together!

Interested to know more? Let’s chat about it! You can reach out to me directly at why.hailey@gmail.com,
and I’d be delighted to discuss the exciting details with you.

" I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional work of Hailey as a teacher. Her dedication, patience, and kindness in the classroom are truly outstanding. Hailey is always thoroughly prepared for her lessons, and her post-lesson follow-up is unparalleled. She always goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are engaged, motivated, and learning. Moreover, Hailey's understanding and appreciation of the arts are exceptional. Her knowledge and appreciation of traditional art forms are evident in her teaching. Seeing her students create and develop their artistic skills is a pleasure under her guidance. Lastly, Hailey's art pieces reflect her mastery of the craft. Her works are beautiful and have a traditional touch that is rare to find. Her art pieces are proof of her dedication and mastery of the art form. Not only do her students appreciate her but her colleagues and clients have also recognised her exemplary work. Hailey embodies all the qualities of an exceptional teacher, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from her." 
– Ann Chan, Founder, Plazer Gallery. Hongkong, 2022
" It was a lovely experience doing Suminagashi art with my family members. We enjoyed the process a lot, as well as the beautiful result. It was fun and relaxing at the same with a glass of wine! 
Should Hailey consider organizing a Suminagashi workshop in Germany or the Czech Republic in the future, I would eagerly welcome the chance to participate again and introduce the workshop to my friends.
I firmly believe that Suminagashi can have a positive impact on society. Throughout the process, participants have the opportunity to experience tranquillity and slow down amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life by observing the movement of water and ink. Additionally, collaborative art creation fosters the formation of new friendships among participants with shared interests and perspectives."
– Josef Jaroš & Věra Jarošová, Czech Republic, 2023
" We had the pleasure of collaborating with Hailey on the Suminagashi workshop at NOPLACE, marking our first collaboration with an overseas artist. We highly recommend Hailey for future art collaborations and look forward to working together again! "
– Johannes Mechler, NOPLACE, 2023
" It has been a nice experience working together with Hailey. She cares for details and takes every step sincerely. She is also a person who is easily to talk to. Therefore, we will sit down together and discuss calmly and openly whenever we encounter problems in the project."
– Heiwa Wong, Fingerkino. 2023
"The Workshop with Hailey was pure Bliss. She teaches this beautiful technique in a very calm and peaceful way. I felt very taken care of and was grateful for every little hint and encouragement to try something new during the process. I especially loved how she emphasised the meditative aspect of Suminagashi and connected it with the philosophy of Life, to Go step by step – regardless but in harmony with the waves of the water/the world." 
–Cora, Artist, 2023
" Having been curious about Suminagashi but not actually knowing a thing, I attended a workshop Hailey had arranged. Quickly, I came to realise that she is not only extremely passionate about this art form but also very skilful in its execution as well as in sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm. It really didn’t take long for her passion and expertise to spill over in such a fun and relaxed atmosphere that to this day, I’m fascinated by this beautiful technique, further exploring its practice whenever circumstances allow. Yay!"
– Sebastian, Analogue Photographer, 2023
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