Embracing Imperfections
The Unexpected Beauty of Analogue Photography

The world of analogue (film) photography is filled with surprises and imperfections, often resulting in unique and cherished moments that capture the essence of a particular time and place. One such experience occurred when a film roll jammed inside my camera, nearly ruining my photographs. Braving the challenge, I manually re-rolled the film in a dark area, hoping for the best. The film photo developer suggested I try with E to C process and see if it helps to save the rest of the films 🎞 and here we are:​​​​​​​
The decision to use the E to C film development process brought new life to the images; the unexpected chemical colour effects transformed them into striking visual expressions that made them even more beautiful! And held special meaning for me.
I picked some special shots from my Europe trip. I started adding Suminagashi patterns to the photos, further encapsulating my feelings and memories associated with those special moments. This creative process has been a personal and fun way for me to cherish my travel experiences.

This whole experience served as a reminder to me that sometimes, unexpected imperfections can lead to the most captivating and personal works of art.

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