My first overseas Suminagashi workshop - Germany
Reflecting on my recent Suminagashi workshop collaborated with NOPLACE in Cologne, Germany, I am grateful for the opportunity to share this beautiful Japanese art form with so many wonderful participants and friends. The workshop was a wonderful and unforgettable experience, we enjoyed experimenting with different colours and exploring patterns through the Suminagashi process. 
I also want to express my gratitude to Heiwa Wong and Johannes Mechler for their invaluable support during the preparation process and for Joe's outstanding poster design that captured the essence of Suminagashi so beautifully. It was a pleasure to work with such talented and passionate individuals.
One of the most rewarding aspects of the workshop was hearing from two of the participants that Suminagashi has become a mindfulness practice for them and that they continue to practice it at home. Knowing that the impact of this art form extends beyond the workshop is truly heartwarming and inspiring!
That was an unforgettable experience. I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with such wonderful individuals again in the future. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to making it such a special event! 
Es war eine unvergessliche Erfahrung. Ich hoffe, in Zukunft wieder mit diesen wunderbaren Menschen zusammenzuarbeiten. Danke an alle, die teilgenommen haben und es zu einem besonderen Ereignis gemacht haben! :)
Message from NOPLACE :
" We had the pleasure of collaborating with Hailey on the Suminagashi workshop at NOPLACE, marking our first collaboration with an overseas artist. Hailey's ability to overcome challenges and engage in constructive discussions was truly impressive. We highly recommend Hailey for future art collaborations and look forward to working together again! " – Johannes Mechler, NOPLACE

Message from participants :
" The Workshop with Hailey was pure Bliss. She teaches this beautiful technique in a very calm and peaceful way. I felt very taken care of and was grateful for every little hint and encouragement to try something new during the process. I especially loved how she emphasised the meditative aspect of Suminagashi and connected it with the philosophy of Life, to Go step by step – regardless but in harmony with the waves of the water/the world." – Cora. 

" Having been curious about Suminagashi but not actually knowing a thing, I attended a workshop Hailey had arranged whilst passing through Cologne, Germany. Quickly, I came to realise that she is not only extremely passionate about this art form but also very skilful in its execution as well as in sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm. It really didn’t take long for her passion and expertise to spill over in such fun and relaxed atmosphere that to this day, I’m fascinated by this beautiful technique, further exploring its practice whenever circumstances allow. Yay! " Sebastian.

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