Simple Use Film Camera - Challenger Edition
Art Direction & Digital Design   |   Asia Pacific Region   |   Year: 2020
I was part of an international team that collaborated with the Japan team on a crossover project between Lomography and Challenger to create a special edition of the Simple Used Film Camera. 
My role focused on developing the art direction for mood shots and videos and the design direction for promotional materials and digital banners. Additionally, I created design guidelines for the UX/UI design team to ensure a cohesive design language across various platforms. Working remotely, we brought this exciting project to life through various international media.
I'm honoured to have had the opportunity to contribute to the art and design direction for the Lomography and Challenger Japan collaboration. I sincerely thank the Creative Director for their invaluable guidance, the Japan team for their remarkable remote communication, and for exceptional photography and video production.

Collaboration of: Lomography and CHALLENGER
Creative Director: Markus Wegscheider
Art Direction & Design Direction: Hailey Wong
Project and General Manager: Keita Ishida 
Photographers: Keita Ishida & Shoichi Motoyoshi
Video Production: CHALLENGER

I've had the pleasure of working with Hailey at Lomography for several years now, and I can confidently say that she is an exceptionally talented and dedicated designer. She's also a true professional who communicates effectively, meets deadlines consistently, and collaborates seamlessly with our team. We've been working together on numerous campaigns, where Hailey's expertise in concepts, illustrations, graphics, and motion design has truly shone. ...
... Furthermore, I could always rely on her for feedback and insights. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend Hailey for her skills and unwavering commitment to delivering great results." 
– Markus Wegscheider, Creative Director and Art Director, Lomographische GmbH ( Headquarters )

" Working with Hailey is so exciting. She always comes up with designs that exceed my expectations. When I worked at Lomography Japan, she made designs for me based on Japanese culture. Even though I am not good at English, she is kind and makes easy-to-understand suggestions. All of her designs have been well-reviewed or praised by our clients. Not only that, I’m a huge fan of Hailey and what she creates until now and in the future! " 
– Erina Hirota, General Manager, Lomography Japan. 

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