Marketplace UI Design
Asia Pacific Region  |  2017 - 2023
I had the opportunity to work closely with regional managers to build marketplaces for TMALL China, JD China, and LAZADA Singapore & Malaysia
Collaborating with the core team, we developed visually appealing and user-friendly designs for main pages, product pages, and promotional banners. Additionally, I had the privilege of guiding junior designers in crafting these elements to ensure a cohesive and engaging online shopping experience for customers.
I'd like to express my gratitude to Christy Fan for her invaluable collaboration in building the three online shops from the ground up. Alongside the exceptional APAC team, including Tanya Tang, Zoe Yan, Nadia Sheng and other teammates, we've refined strategies and ensured the shops' ongoing success. Their dedication and teamwork have been vital to the project. I'm grateful to be part of this remarkable team. 


"Hailey is a visionary with exceptional design skills and a strong creative sense. She is able to take a brand's vision and transform it into a visually stunning and engaging experience." - Christy Fan, Online Markets and Marketplace Manager - Asia Pacific, Lomography Asia Pacific Ltd.

" During my time at Lomography, I worked with Hailey on ongoing online marketing projects, namely on the promotional materials for our e-commerce marketplaces. Hailey helped create product pages, banners, and posters for e-commerce marketplaces for several different platforms, including TMALL, JD and Lazada. She not only understands how to make things look good, she makes sure that no matter the platform, all her designs are on-brand and easily understood. No short of a perfectionist." – Nadia C. Sheng, E-commerce & Online Manager - Southeast Asia & China

"Working with Hailey for 5 years has been an incredibly enjoyable and valuable experience! She has consistently demonstrated professionalism, reliability, creativity, and excellent communication skills. In the face of different challenges, she is highly adaptable and always willing to provide her professional opinion." Tanya Tan, Online Manager, Lomography China. 

" Hailey is a brilliant designer and an absolute pleasure to work with. She always has some very insightful suggestions for our ideas and is able to take complex concepts and turn them into beautiful, cohesive designs that are both visually stunning and highly effective.
She is always willing to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional work. For some very urgent tasks, she is also willing to sacrifice her time to complete them. Her contributions have been invaluable to our team." – Zoe Yan, Online Manager, Lomography China.

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