Lomography Lomo'Instant Automat — Henry Steiner Edition
Packaging Design  |   International  |   2024
I had the privilege of being part of the team for the Lomography Lomo'Instant Automat—Henry Steiner Edition. This collaboration was between Lomography and Henry Steiner, the father of graphic design in Hong Kong. I worked closely with the Lomography and Steiner&Co. teams. I was the designer who integrated Mr Steiner's ideas and iconic art with the camera structure and packaging design to bring this unique camera to life.
This special edition showcases Mr. Steiner's remarkable artwork from the iconic 2008 Hong Kong Vienna Opera Ball poster. Inspired by Gustav Klimt and Li Bai, this exclusive edition exemplifies Mr. Steiner's cross-cultural design style and beautifully captures the intersection of art and technology.
© Henry Steiner | Left: The 2008 Hong Kong Vienna Opera Ball Poster | Right: Mr. Steiner's original sketches of the poster, a Chinese opera singer in traditional make-up with a portrait by the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, featuring a harmonious fusion of art and cross-cultural design style.

This project was a remarkable closing chapter in my 11 years at Lomography. I am glad to have been part of this significant journey and am truly glad to work alongside such talented individuals and teams. And I deeply appreciate and thank Mr. Steiner for trusting the team to bring his vision to life through this collaboration.
Creative Direction: Henry Steiner
Design Direction: Henry Steiner, Lomography, Steiner&Co.
Project Manager: Tat Tso, Nadia Sheng, Nikki Cheung
Camera Design: Hailey Wong
Packaging Design: Hailey Wong, Chloe Wong
Photographer: Chloe Wong
Instant Photo Photographer: Nikki Cheung, Nadia Sheng
For more details of the concept behind, Please visit the full article on Lomography Magazine:
Henry Steiner, The Father of Hong Kong Design on his Lomo’Instant Automat.

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