6@Rubberband's "Around the World in Analogue" Exhibition
Exhibition Design  |  Hong Kong  |  2019
I had the opportunity to work on the 'Around the World in Analogue' Exhibition at Harbour City, which showcased the travel memories and stories of 6@Rubberband, the vocalist of the Cantopop band Rubberband. As the project designer, I was responsible for creating the exhibition's environmental graphics and visual communication materials. Beyond just designing, I collaborated closely with the production team to bring the whole exhibition to life, making sure each piece truly captured the essence of 6@Rubberband's photographic adventures.
Faced with a tight timeline, I’m truly grateful for the dedicated efforts and collaboration of our core team members. I’d like to express my appreciation to Phyllis and Joyce, the Project and Marketing Managers from Lomography, and Jack and Jun from Photato. Together, we overcame obstacles and successfully launched the 'Around the World in Analogue' Exhibition, creating a memorable experience for all visitors. 
Last but certainly not least, I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the artist, 6@Rubberband, for his trust, support, and remarkable contribution to the exhibition.

Collaboration of: Lomography and 6@Rubberband
Main Designer: Hailey Wong
Project Manager: Phyllis Chan
Online Marketing: Joyce Lau
Documentary Photography: Hailey Wong
Photo Printing and Exhibition Set up: Photato
Production House: Bannershop Corporate
Analogue Event Photos: Edwin Chau

Throughout the time I have known Hailey, she has proven herself to be a nice, thoughtful and who showed tremendous dedication to the client. I’m happy to work with Hailey due to her positive attitude, strong commitment and excellent potential. " - Jun Choi, Manager, Photato.

" Hailey is an experienced Graphic Designer, she can always deliver the best design solution in the requested time frame. In addition, she is also experienced in VM and exhibition production, it was truly enjoyable to have worked along with her for more than 4 years." - Phyllis Chan, Online Marketing Manager, Lomography Asia Pacific Ltd.

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