" Be An Explorer " Summer Campaign
Large-Scale Exhibitions Design  |   Hong Kong   |   Year: 2016
As the main designer for the exhibitions at Fashion Walk Hong Kong, I created the end-to-end design process for three indoor and outdoor exhibitions and installations. I took full responsibility for creating a wide range of designs for the campaign, including installations, exhibition graphics, way-finding signage, pop-up store and all associated promotional materials for sales and marketing. I also collaborated with multiple teams across various stages, including design, proposal, production, installation, repair, and de-installation.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with a talented and driven team that contributed to this project's success. My appreciation extends to the Board, General Manager, and Project Managers from Lomography and Fashion Walk for their support and guidance. Special thanks to the Project Managers from the production and printing house for their close collaboration. The teamwork has been remarkable, and I am thankful to have worked with such talented individuals.

Collaboration Of: Fashion Walk and Lomography
Exhibition Design & Visual Communication: Hailey Wong
Creative Oversight: The Lomography's board
Documentary Photos: Hailey Wong
Production House: Outsign.lab
Photography Printing House: Photato
Artwork: Katharina Machu & Art Students (Vienna)
Team with: Creative Director, General Manager, Marketing Managers, Part-time, Photographers
Special Thanks to: Elaine Lee

"The campaign for Lomography in Fashion Walk was held successfully under the leadership of Hailey. She took care of every details professionally and showed her knowledge in products and the brand. I appreciated that the helpful and collaborative assists she offered. It was a great pleasure to work with her. I would recommend Hailey to anyone looking for graphic design service.” – Zoe Wong, Senior Project Executive, Outsign.lab Ltd

"Hailey is an exceptional designer with a keen eye for detail. Her passion for her work is infectious, and she consistently demonstrates her problem-solving abilities. Working with her was a pleasure, as she is a great communicator and collaborator and always maintained a positive attitude." – Jack Man, The Founder of Photato

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