"Embracing the Flow"
Where My Suminagashi Journey Began

As a part-time children’s art teacher, I aim on fostering children's creativity by exploring various artistic mediums. 
I believed that nurturing young minds required a diverse range of artistic styles, which led me to a quest to discover more new techniques and forms of expression with them. During that exploration, I stumbled upon Suminagashi, a Japanese art form that would ultimately change my life.
While I had been learning 工筆畫 (Gongbi Painting), a traditional Chinese art form that emphasises detail and precision, my curiosity and desire to expand my artistic repertoire led me to explore more about Suminagashi.

Suminagashi is a fluid, unpredictable process where ink is floated on the water, creating mesmerising patterns that can never be replicated. This art form allowed me to embrace uncertainty, let go of control, and fully immerse myself in the present moment.
Embracing both these art forms has been like learning two different languages of expression—each informing the other, and both expanding my understanding of what it means to create. Gongbi, with its disciplined beauty, teaches me the value of patience and the significance of each deliberate line. Suminagashi, in its ephemeral dance, reminds me of the joy found in letting go and the artistry of embracing the unexpected.
As my exploration of Suminagashi deepened, I began weaving it into my children's art classes. Soon, I was hosting workshops for adults and curating team-building events for companies. These experiences presented opportunities to connect with a diverse array of individuals, each possessing unique stories and perspectives. Despite the challenges, I started to extend my reach from Hongkong to Europe, bringing the beauty and tranquility of Suminagashi to a global audience.
Every individual who walked into my workshops brought with them their unique narratives and emotions, weaving an intricate tapestry that bridged the gap between art and life.

A gentleman's pastel swirls whispered of new love, while a woman's tight lines mapped her struggle for calm amidst life's demands. A mother, with her children in tow, painted a sunset in inks, a canvas echoing her wish for a vacation with her husband. And the kids? Their artworks burst with fantasy—a monkey flying on the sky, a fairy's delicate dance etc. Their unbound imaginations infuse our sessions with pure, joyful creativity.

Every brushstroke, every merging color, tells a story. It's a privilege to witness these silent confessions, these vibrant dreams, all taking shape on the water's surface. This is the beauty of Suminagashi—where every creation is a touching testament to the life that breathes through us all.​​​​​​​
From Ancient Waves to Modern Lines
As a designer, I began exploring new ways to combine Suminagashi with modern design and digital media. This ongoing exploration has been both exciting and fulfilling, allowing me to continually grow as an artist.
A few years later, I had the opportunity to bring my Suminagashi art to modern product design: Lomography Simple Use Film Camera - Optimistic Ox Edition , and workshops in overseas to bring the concept behind it to a global audience : Germany & Czech Republic. I am incredibly grateful for the unexpected adventures life has brought my way and the beautiful memories I've created along the journey.
Explore my Suminagashi workshop in Germany here
Suminagashi has not only transformed my art but also my perspective on life. By embracing the unpredictable nature of this art form, I've learned to let go of control and cherish each moment as it comes. Through sharing Suminagashi with others, I have connected with countless individuals and their unique stories, further enriching my own experiences. As I continue to explore the depths of this beautiful art form, I look forward to the new memories and connections that await.

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